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Quote: “I felt on top of this world. I was so proud of myself. I have sooo much energy”


I’m Kelly-ann. I’m 33 yrs old. I have Down Syndrome and my thyroid has not been under control since I was 9 yrs old. I have been a State Swimming Champion, soccer and netball player all through to yr12 and into adulthood. But my weight just kept on going up and up. I could never control it, every month it would increase 1-5 kgs.

My knees, hips, and ankles were always aching and swelling. Even my shoes got bigger. Everything was out of alignment. I saw sooo many dietitians and doctors but none were able to help me.

It all happened after I saw my 30th birthday photos!!!!! How, why and when did I look like that!

How did that happen? I didn’t want to go to work, church or even get dressed. I was wearing maternity clothes. My sleep apnoea was through the roof, 30-40 times a night I’d stop breathing, I was extremely tired, fatigued easily, and couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without stopping.

3 weeks before our first lockdown in February 2020, my brother’s Physio sent me to a weight loss specialist centre who deal with people with special needs and thyroid issues.

I started on 7.2.2020 weighing in at 127.2 kgs!!!!!!! I’m only 150 cms tall. I only had 3 weeks with them before March lockdown in Melbourne, so we did zoom meetings and gym programs were sent weekly.

In one month I lost 9 kgs, 12 cms off my bust, 15 cms off my waist and hips. I was recommended the OPTIFAST Program by my doctor at the clinic and was hooked on the OPTIFAST bars and shakes, and my new eating habit of incorporating real food. It was so easy to incorporate the OPTIFAST Program into my life.

I was stuck at home due to ISO, so no going out for junk food, or eating unhealthily at work.

I stuck with the eating program, on 9.2.2021 (1 yr later) I had LOST an astonishing 47.2 kgs!!!! WOW down to 80 kgs!!!

I was beside myself with happiness, I was smiling, I was funny again, I didn’t cry anymore, I didn’t live in my room on my own all the time, I helped out in the house, I took care of my own room and bathroom. I felt on top of this world. I was so proud of myself. I have sooo much energy.

My family didn’t recognise me when they saw me after 1yr.

My brothers had to move to Qld for work, so it was hard not having them around, but mum and I decided we would travel. We went to Tasmania, I could hike 13 kms around Cradle Mountain, I walked 3200 physical steps to Wineglass Bay and back, could physically fit in the stairwell of a lighthouse and climb them. None of this would have been possible without the programs set by my specialists, which incorporated the OPTIFAST Program.

Even while travelling, I now have the knowledge and strength to change a menu. I am still on the OPTIFAST products and on the 14.11.2022 I had lost another 16.1kgs!

I’m now 63.9 kgs with a total weight loss of 63.3kgs!!!! That’s half my body weight. I’ve love my new self.

To say the least, OPTIFAST has saved my life! My overall health has improved immensely for the first time in 21 yrs!

I smile, I’m happy, I strut with confidence, I love myself and I love life.

I can never repay or express my gratitude enough you have changed my life!!!!

So glad that there is a company that cares about people who have a disability. After 21yrs I was finally given the help and support I required. I was finally heard and respected.

Thank you

Kelly-ann Maguire

Facebook: @kel.maguire.1989

Instagram: @kellyann.maguire.35

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