The OPTIFAST Program Levels.

3, 2, 1 Program

Very low energy diets such as the Intensive Level of the OPTIFAST Program, have been shown to achieve 10-15% weight loss in ~8-12 weeks.1
The OPTIFAST Program allows you to choose from 4 levels, tailoring your weight loss plan to your goals. Where you start will depend on your goals, medical history and lifestyle.

The OPTIFAST Program

Meal Variety

With a wide range of delicious flavours and formats, you can choose products that suit your tastes and lifestyle. OPTIFAST VLCD Shakes, Soups, Bars and Desserts, can be used to replace any meal - whether that's your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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Complete Nutrition

All products are specially formulated to contain essential nutrients for safe and effective weight loss while on an energy-restricted diet.
OPTIFAST VLCD products may be used to support nutritional status alongside weight loss prescriptions as part of a holistic weight management plan, as discussed with your healthcare professional.

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