Our new support app is your ultimate OPTIFAST companion that allows you to take the OPTIFAST Program with you wherever you go.

Whether you want to follow the Program in a structured or flexible way, we guide you along your journey with personalised meal plans and recipes that suit your needs, no matter what Level you are on.

A woman eating a meal replacement OPTIFATS dessert

Track your calorie intake, weight and steps

A woman eating a meal replacement OPTIFAST soup

Celebrate each milestone achieved along the way

What makes our app unique?

We understand weight loss journeys can feel overwhelming at times, so our app helps you set mini-goals that break up your ultimate weight loss goal into smaller milestones to help ease the pressure and focus on just 1 week or 1 month ahead – you choose!
OPTIFAST app showing how many calories out of the meal plan have been consumed and remaining.

Flexible weight loss programs

You can choose to follow the OPTIFAST Program by choosing your own levels or following our level recommendations to achieve your ultimate weight loss goal.

OPTIFAST app showing the progress - current weight, weight loss so far and since last weight-in

Track calories, weight loss and progress

Keep track of your progress towards your weight loss goal in My Progress.

OPTIFAST app my progress - current weight, weight loss so far and since last weight-in

Personalised meal plans

We take the guess work out of eating right, no matter what level you are on, with suggested meal plans in line with your Program Level.

A recipe of pancakes with blueberries, including ingredients and calories.

Tasty Recipes

Healthy, tasty and calorie controlled OPTIFAST dietitian approved recipes personalised to your dietary preferences. Easily view them in our weekly generated shopping list to help you plan ahead.