Support your nutrition while on a weight loss prescription

Are you on a weight loss prescription and experiencing little to no appetite?

Weight loss prescriptions assist with weight loss by helping to manage appetite, and they may also help to slow gastric emptying (foods and fluids emptying from the stomach).1 This can lead to feeling full earlier and for longer – resulting in a low appetite.1

As a result of a reduced appetite, meals may be skipped or low in nutrients, which can put you at risk of poor nutritional status. Therefore, it is important to ensure you are getting the nutrition you need to support healthy weight loss, which includes eating a balanced diet with lean protein sources to support muscle mass, and essential vitamins and minerals.

A balanced diet may be challenging to achieve when appetite is low, which is where a nutritionally balanced program can help. This issue can be exacerbated for people who are time poor with less time to prepare meals.

OPTIFAST VLCD – support your nutrition during weight loss

OPTIFAST VLCD are specially formulated very low energy food products which can assist you with achieving your weight loss goals. Each product contains essential nutrients in a calorie-controlled serve that can be used interchangeably to replace meals.

Each OPTIFAST VLCD product is:

  • Nutritionally complete

  • High in protein

  • Source of fibre

OPTIFAST VLCD products may be used alongside weight loss prescriptions as part of a holistic weight management plan for suitable individuals.2 Speak to a healthcare professional (e.g. a doctor, dietitian, pharmacist or specialist) before deciding to incorporate OPTIFAST VLCD products into your weight loss plan.

With a wide range of delicious of flavours and formats, you can choose products that suit your taste preferences and lifestyle. OPTIFAST VLCD Shakes, Soups, Bars and Desserts can be used to replace any meal – whether that’s your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

OPTIFAST VLCD products can be purchased online or at your local pharmacy.

A healthcare professional recommended weight loss support program

The OPTIFAST Program is a Very Low Energy Diet (VLED) program recommended by healthcare professionals for the dietary management of overweight and obesity. It is a nutritionally complete program with very low energy food products that are used to replace 1 to 3 meals a day depending on which level of the program you are on.

VLEDs, such as the Intensive Level of the OPTIFAST Program, have been shown to achieve 10-15% weight loss in approximately 8-12 weeks.3

For more information on the OPTIFAST Program click here.


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