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Q. Explain the OPTIFAST VLCD Program Active 2 Level?

On this Level you replace 2 meals with OPTIFAST VLCD products and include 1 healthy meal, which is approximately 350 calories. You can use any combination of OPTIFAST VLCD products.  The Active 2 Level of the OPTIFAST VLCD Program is suitable for:

• individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25-30 or                                                                                     
• individuals who may find the Intensive Level too restrictive.

The Active 2 Level restricts calorie intake but not as much as the Intensive Level and if combined with regular exercise more gradual levels of weight loss can be achieved. Unlike the Intensive Level, the Active 2 Level doesn't work by inducing ketosis. It works purely by restricting calorie intake to approximately 1000 calories per day. During the Active 2 Level you will be replacing two meals each day with an OPTIFAST VLCD product.

You will also need to have:
-1 low-calorie meal (approximately 350 calories)                                                                                                        

-2 or more cups of low starch vegetables                                                                                                                        

-2 litres of water or calorie-free fluids (minimum)                                                                                                         

-1 serve of fruit (approximately 70 calories)                                                                                                                    

-1 serve of dairy (approximately 100 calories)

This Level brings your total food intake, including your OPTIFAST VLCD products, to approximately 1000 calories a day. The length of time that you are on this level will depend on your lifestyle needs and weight loss goals. 

Q. Can I start on the Active 2 Level?

Yes, some people may choose to start on the Active 2 Level of the OPTIFAST VLCD Program or are advised to do so by a healthcare professional. The Active 2 Level is suitable for people who require significant weight loss. This level restricts calorie intake but not as much as the Intensive level. Alternatively, if it is easier to start with one meal replacement and slowly build up then you may choose to start on the Active 1 Level.