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Q. What is the cost of OPTIFAST VLCD?

OPTIFAST VLCD is very cost effective. On average, each of our meal replacement products or snacks works out to be around AU$3.75 - $5.99 RRP a serve. The only additional food you need to purchase on top of your OPTIFAST VLCD products is your fresh and healthy low starch vegetables

Q. Where can I purchase OPTIFAST VLCD?

OPTIFAST VLCD products are sold through pharmacies and hospitals. You can also purchase product online from the OPTIFAST VLCD website at, where you are redirected to one of our partner sites. Please be sure to read their terms and conditions. OPTIFAST VLCD is not liable for our partner sites.

Q. Is OPTIFAST VLCD available in other countries

OPTIFAST VLCD is currently sold in Australia, New Zealand, China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Sir Lanka, Philippines, Singapore and South Africa, however not all countries stock all the variants and flavours that are offered here in Australia.

In the US, Canada, Spain, Germany, Austria, UK, Italy, Switzerland and Brazil, the name of the product is OPTIFAST 800 not OPTIFAST VLCD, and as well as the name being different, the recipe and taste of the product is different. OPTIFAST 800 is taken in five serves per day rather than three. It is also sold as part of a holistic weight management program in clinics and hospitals and is generally not available to buy over the counter in pharmacies.

If travelling overseas whilst on the OPTIFAST VLCD Program, it may be easier to take your OPTIFAST VLCD sachets/bars with you. This will ensure you get the flavours and variants that you like. Just ensure that you declare them through customs.