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Q. What is Body Mass Index (BMI) and how do I calculate it?

The Body Mass Index or BMI is one of the guides used to determine whether the weight of a person is appropriate for their height. It is a general guide and is a ratio of weight to height. You can calculate your BMI by using the following formula;

HEIGHT (meters)2

Sally is 88kg and 1.66m tall. Her BMI would be calculated as follows:
88 divided by (1.66 x 1.66) =
88 divided by 2.75 = 32
Therefore Sally’s BMI would be 32.

Q. What can I eat if I am going out for dinner during the Intensive Level of the OPTIFAST VLCD Program?

Don't worry; you can still enjoy social occasions whilst on the OPTIFAST VLCD Program. Try having your OPTIFAST VLCD product prior to going out and choose a low starch salad or vegetables. Try a miso soup, stir-fry vegetables, or a garden salad with a dressing on the side (no creamy sauces). If possible, skip the protein and carbohydrates on offer. If you must eat something other than just vegetables or salad, do not have the OPTIFAST VLCD product for that meal and opt for a small portion of protein such as 100g meat or chicken, some fish or eggs. If possible avoid any of the carbohydrates on offer as this will affect ketosis. Remember it is important not to drink alcohol whilst on the Intensive Level of the Program. Try some mineral water with a spritz of lemon or lime instead.

Q. Is exercise recommended whilst taking OPTIFAST VLCD?

It is recommended to do 30-60 minutes of exercise on most days as part of the OPTIFAST VLCD Program including the Intensive Level. In general, no additional food is required. If just starting out with exercise it is important to establish a baseline which can be improved upon each week. If you are at all concerned about your ability to exercise consult a healthcare professional first.

Q. Can I take a vitamin and mineral supplement in conjunction with taking OPTIFAST VLCD?

The OPTIFAST VLCD Intensive Level (minimum of 3 OPTIFAST VLCD products plus 2 cups of vegetables) is designed to meet the recommended dietary intake for most people. Therefore additional supplementation is not necessary unless there has been a pre-existing nutritional deficiency diagnosed when starting the OPTIFAST VLCD Program. If additional supplementation is desired, care would need to be taken that recommended safe levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements are not exceeded. Therefore we would recommend that you consult your healthcare professional for more individual advice.

Q. If I am already taking fish oil tablets each day do I still need to take 1 tsp of vegetable oil?

If you are already taking fish oil tablets then it is not absolutely necessary to include the 1 tsp vegetable oil in your OPTIFAST VLCD Program. However, given that one fish oil tablet is only about 10 calories you can continue to take these and still include your tsp of vegetable oil if you wish. The tsp of vegetable oil each day is recommended for those at risk or has a history of developing gall stones.