Tips -Preparing for your weight loss journey

Tips -Preparing for your weight loss journey

1)    Staying motivated is the key to success. Write down 5 reasons why you want to lose weight, and stick them all around the house to keep you thinking positive.

2)    Clean out the fridge and pantry of ‘treat’ foods - out of sight out of mind.

3)    Plan ahead, this way you will always have the right foods at home and not fall into the trap of takeaway meals and ongoing excuses.

4)    It can take anywhere from two weeks to up to one year to break a habit. Never give up, keep persisting and believe in yourself - you will get to your goals.

5)    Never go shopping on an empty stomach as you are more likely to buy foods you shouldn’t be buying! If you plan to go shopping around lunchtime, take your Optifast Bar with you.

6)    Set yourself small goals to start with. Don’t go for the entire weight loss as this is usually a long-term 

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