Overcoming excuses

Overcoming excuses

Excuses! We all make them from time to time, and that is ok, some are perfectly legitimate. However when the excuses become continuous that is when we need to stop, dig deep and really look at what we are doing.


The most common excuses we tend to use when it comes to either weight loss or finding time to exercise are:

  • 'I’m too busy'
  • It’s too hard with the kids and work,
  • I'm not motivated', 

The fact is we are all busy, but if you don't make time for your health now, then you will need to make time to manage your sickness later! Sounds pretty harsh, but definitely worth making time for now. The world we live in today is so different from that of 20 years ago. We need to accept, that we need to exercise regularly, move more, eat more fresh produce and reduce our portions.


Now is the time to take full responsibility for your health, your body and how you think. Nobody can want this for you – only you can want this! It is time to reflect on how you see yourself, your health, your long-term future and your goals. You then need to focus on any self-sabotaging habits or excuses you possess and then let them go. Take the time to write down all the excuses you have made, look at the ones that are in your control and look at the ones that you don't have any control over such as a crisis or emergency. The latter should only account for maybe 1% of the excuses you have ever made. Of all the ones you do have control over, you can generally find a solution for them.


Finding the time to prioritise your health over the family or work can be difficult and can be something that we feel guilty about doing. But at the same time we end up feeling resentful that our needs are not being met. If your family is your biggest priority then they deserve to see the best version of you. In addition don’t underestimate that by looking after yourself in fact you are doing the best thing for your family! You will be a better wife, mum, employee. You will also be teaching your kids that health and looking after yourself is worth valuing. And I can tell you that is at least as important as anything they will learn in the classroom!


Research has shown us that in most households, what is eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks is determined by what the primary grocery shopper or nutritional gatekeeper (which is usually mum) has purchased. Most people believe that each family member will determine their own food choices, however research shows that about 72% of food decisions made by family members when in or  away from the home are either directly or indirectly influenced by the primary grocery shopper and food preparer. It has been found that the actions and enthusiasm of the nutritional gatekeeper in the house can help develop the beliefs and preferences about food for all the family members in the long term. So if this is you and you are in fact the nutritional gate keeper of your household doesn’t it pay to put your own health as a priority, because by doing that you are also doing the very best for your family.  It is not being selfish or putting your own needs in front of others. Your actions and choices in regards to food and exercise, although may take some hard work and commitment, can have big results for the whole family. The kids may not be eating Kale or other superfoods but have them watching you eat it can pay off at times when they may need to make choices for themselves. So rather than using the kids as an excuse turn them into a reason as to why you should make a change!

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