Calculating Ideal Body Weight


Ideal body weight is calculated to help determine an appropriate weight for height or to establish a long-term weight loss goal. However, when estimating an Ideal Body Weight or Goal Weight for individuals with a BMI 30kg/m2 calculating, the 'Obesity Adjusted Ideal Body Weight' (Adj IBW) is a common approach14, 15.

This equation allows for 25% of excess metabolically active body weight (lean muscle mass), giving you a more appropriate estimate of an Ideal Body Weight for that individual. Aiming for a goal within the healthy weight range may not be relevant or realistic for all patients.

It is important to remember that a 5-10% weight loss can result in significant reductions in co-morbidities and improvements in health outcomes. Therefore small incremental weight losses as short term goals can result in substantial health benefits.

Adjusted IBW calculation


Use this table to work out what the Ideal Body Weight (IBW) at a BMI of 25 is for your patient’s height


Patient Readiness

Meeting protein requirements while losing weight is important to protect lean muscle tissue.  Learn more about how to calculate protein requirements.